Please never use it with the following medical electronic devices
1. Implantable medical electronic devices such as heart pacemakers
2. Life-sustaining medical electronic devices such as artificial hearts and lungs;
3. Electrocardiograph and other medical electronic equipment
4 Water can cause these medical electronic devices to malfunction and may be
If the patient uses both high-frequency surgical equipment and this product on
the body, the product electrode pad can be
Can cause burns and may also damage the product.
Electrode pads during massage should avoid contact with wounds and scars.
During massage, the electrode pads should not be placed near the chest and
heart, otherwise it will increase the risk of heart fibrillation
Recommended for one user. When cross-user use, please clean the electrode
pad on the product before use.
When using the product, the electrode pad should be tightly attached to the skin
and evenly contacted.
The electrode pad of this product has a heat generating function, and the same
part is used for a long time (more than 15 minutes) to apply heat compressing
May cause low-temperature burns if possible

Please consult your doctor before using in the following cases.

Otherwise, an accident or physical discomfort may occur
1. Patients who are receiving medical treatment and feel abnormal2. Patients with abnormal heart and brain nerves
3. Patients whose body temperature exceeds 38 degrees (fever period)
4. Patients with infectious diseases.
5. Patients with impaired skin perception or abnormal skin
6. Patients taking medication
7. Patients with abnormal blood pressure
8. Patients who cannot express their wishes freely
9. Patients with sensory disturbance due to high peripheral circulation
disorder due to diabetes
10Patients with skin allergies to stainless steel electrodes
The following situations are prohibited
1. Patients with malignant tumors
2. Patients with bleeding tendency
3. Pregnant women and parturients
4. Patients with acute suppurative inflammation
5. Heart pacemaker users
6. Patients with metal implants
7. Near the human heart
Do not use near the heart, above the neck, head, mouth, genitals
or skin disorders
And can not treat the soles of feet. In addition, do not press on the
internal organs during use. Otherwise it may be sent
Accidents or physical discomfort.
Do not use for massage other than the massage described in the
instruction manual, otherwise something may happen
Therefore, a malfunction occurs.


If you feel unwell due to abnormality of this product,
please stop using it immediately
If your body or skin feels strange, please consult your
doctor and follow your doctor's instructions
During the massage, if you want to move the electrode pads
or other people, be sure to
After the source is cut off, move it, otherwise you may
receive strong electric shock
When an abnormal situation that cannot be operated occurs,
please immediately cut off the power well and remove it,
otherwise it may produce
High temperature or short circuit may cause an accident.
At the same time contact customer service after-sales
Do not insert the ∪SB charging cable with wet hands,
otherwise it may result in electric shock or accident
Do not use it for children or people without the ability
to express consciousness, otherwise it may cause an
accident or cause physical
Do not use it in a place with high humidity such as a
bathroom, or use the product while taking a shower,
otherwise it may
Will be subjected to strong electric shock and damage
the product
Do not use when going to bed, otherwise the main body may
malfunction, and the electrode pad may be damaged.
Move to other parts and cause physical discomfort
Do not use when driving a car, otherwise it may cause
physical discomfort due to excessive stimulation, resulting
in an accident.
Do not stick the electrode pad to the affected area for a
long time, otherwise it may cause skin inflammation
When massaging, do not allow the metal parts of belts,
necklaces and other objects to contact the electrode pads,
otherwise it may
Will receive a strong electric shock
Do not use the same part for a long time (more than 30 minutes),
otherwise it may make the massage part muscle
Physical fatigue causes physical discomfort.


If you encounter problems when using the product, please refer to the
following tips and solutions. If the product is still in a fault state
and cannot be used, please turn off the power.
The user should not dismantle or repair the product by himself,
and the product warranty will be invalidated by himself, and the
company will not bear any consequences caused by this situation.