Voice broadcast method
1. Welcome to intelligent slimming
2 thin face mode
3 tira mode
4. Whitening mode
5. One、two、three、four、Fives、 six、Seven、
6.Power-on voice prompt:
Mode voice prompt:
Mode voice prompt:
Mode voice prompt:
Voice prompt:
Tips for strength include: striking strength and massage strength。
Turn on/off heating in any mode. Voice prompt: turn on heating –
-- turn off heating

Method of operation
1. Please adjust the headband before use and put it on the chin position.
Fit the face to the V shape of the product.
Turn on the product and adjust the appropriate massage
intensity and mode.
2. The instrument is 2 touch buttons. Press and hold "Power On/Mode
The main unit’s "key" button for three seconds, the product will turn on
The machine (with voice welcome prompt) enters face-lifting mode,
the default is force(1st gear). Long start
Press the "on/mode button" of the main unit for three seconds, then
Hearing "Goodbye" will turn off the product.
2.1The function mode and strength can be adjusted with the remote control
3. Mode selection, the machine has 3 modes in total
3.1 Face-lift mode: Automatically start infrared physiotherapy +
beat function, infrared physiotherapy + hot compress function,
infrared physiotherapy + massage, blue light whitening
+ massage function.
3.2 Lifting mode: the instrument starts lifting mode infrared
physiotherapy + tapping function + heating function
3.3 Whitening mode: the instrument starts blue light whitening
+ massage function + hot compress function
3.4 During the above three modes of operation, you can adjust the
tapping function and
The strength of the massage function.
4. In the running state, you can touch the strength button to adjust the
strength: for the strength
Strengthen the button, every time you press, a drop will sound, the
intensity will increase by one level, and the intensity will be divided
into 10 levels (1.2..10), press the velocity key again when the velocity
is 10, the velocity becomes the velocity 1.
5. Hot compress heating function: select the hot compress function
when the machine is turned on: the instrument will turn on the heating,
The temperature is a constant temperature of 43 degrees.
6. Timing function: The timing of the product is 30minutes. When the
machine is turned on, it will automatically shut down when
it reaches 30 minutes.
7. Low voltage alarm and charging function
7.1 When the product reaches the set low pressure value, the sound
Play the prompt "please give the battery low",
The indicator light flashes 3 times, please turn off the power.
Plug the charging cable into the charging port of the instrument to
When charging, the light frame will flash in turn during charging,
When fully charged, the light will go ou


When using the product for the first time, or after the
product has been left for a long time, the battery power
is consumed.
Charging operation to ensure that it can work normally
When disposing of this product, please dispose according
to the relevant environmental protection regulations of
the city, otherwise it may
Into environmental pollution.
Recommendation: Use by people aged 20 and above.
Daily maintenance
When cleaning and maintaining this product, please turn off the main
unit and use wet paper towels to clean the electrode pads.
When using a small amount of medical alcohol (alcohol concentration
75%) to wipe disinfection.
Wipe with a neutral detergent and a soft cloth during daily maintenance,
do not use corrosive cleaning
Do not soak or rinse in water.
During the cleaning process, water or other liquids should be prevented
from entering the body to avoid short circuit and leakage during use
Electrical danger.